Friday, October 3, 2008

Crazy Germans!

Before I came here i thought I had a decent handle on what German culture was... I've since discovered that it's impossible to really understand German culture without being a part of it. Every time I think I know what to expect and have a idea of the culture here something new gets thrown at me. This seems to be a country made of contradictions. For example Germany is a very clean country, there's not a lot of litter and I frequently see people (not criminals, Government employees) walking around, picking up what little trash is left out. However, dogs which I think of as fairly messy animals are allowed everywhere! They're on the Trams, in every type of store (I've seen them everywhere from a shoe store to grocery stores) I even saw a dog sitting next to a table in a restaurant. It's not just small dogs either, though you see enough of the toy dogs, I've seen Huge Dogs as well. Germans seem to really like they're dogs and aren't really willing to leave them home much.
Example #2 Clothing here is very casual and very conservative, Germans don't really dress up for everyday things like Americans are sometimes prone to do, mostly I see t-shirts and sweaters. However, despite all this very plain conservative dress, Germans like their lingerie! They have tons of lingerie shops and not just everyday kinda useful underwear, no these are definitely play items... And every once in a while you see someone wearing something that is not appropriate anywhere in the world... The worst I saw was a man wearing a t-shirt and tights... not even leggings, tights, that you could see through... It was the worst thing I have ever seen!

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Jordan said...

Sorry you had to see that guy- sounds funny, if not a little scary (c: