Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love Missionaries!!

For those of you who may not know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormons. That's right I belong to the church with the nice men (and women) in suits who knock on people's door. Well I am here to say that those nice men and women are the best thing I could ask for. The missionaries here in Leipzig have saved me from who knows what disasters. Thursday of last week I saw a pair of Elders (that's the men) at the Hauptbahnhof (the main train station) and flagged them down (apparently they were amazed... one of them later retelling the story said “here's this girl waving at us... and this isn't Utah, no one waves at the missionaries!”). They told me how to get to Church, they gave me the information on Institute and they were beyond friendly. Sunday when I got to Church, terrified to be walking into a church alone where I knew no one (I don't know how investigators do it) right inside the doors were the Sister missionaries. Once again they were suer friendly and offered to let me sit with them, they then let me follow them around for the entire block of meetings and introduced me to other people there.
I honestly don't know what I would be doing right now if it weren't for all the missionaries here, they have helped me countless times since I first saw them and it hasn't even been a week. So to anyone who has been on a mission or is about to go on one, you never know how you bless peoples lives, the missionaries here have been a gift from God to me. Remember every smile can make a difference.


LJ said...

Kira! This entry just made my day! And really, I needed to read this right when I did. Thank you for writing it.

I was having a tough day today, then saw your blog, and it made me remember my mission, the Carey family, and all of my blessings!

Thank you for an entry that made someone smile today all the way over in Utah.

Jordan said...

That is so cool! It's amazing what some smiling friendly faces can do (c:

Mariah said...

I love missionaries.... (wink wink!) This made me SMILE SO BIG!
That was a really cool story... so were the elders cute? lol! Take pictures! ;)