Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tonight is my last night in the home I've known for the last 7 years. It's beyond weird thinking that I won't see it again for a year. Everything has become so comfortable. I remember the first night I spent here and how empty it was, the feeling of living in transit which is suddenly upon me again. What was then a new house clean and unfamiliar, has become my delightfully disorganized home.
I said goodbye to most of my friends today, which was miserable. I spent two hours at work talking to people to then come home and spend the entire evening putting off the things I could have and probably should have been doing to spend one last night of normalcy with my best friend. Saying goodbye was harder than I imagined, I've been fighting back tears so much today that now I start crying at anything.
So I find that more difficult than anything else about this trip, is actually leaving on it. Making the final step and walking away from everyon I love.


Jen said...

It'll be ok Kira, leaving is the hardest, but in the end it's truly the beginning of the adventure. Soon it'll be saying goodbye to new friends and new places so enjoy it while you can since we won't be going anywere!!

Jordan said...

It will get easier once you leave! Hope you have a great trip are in our prayers! Luv ya!!!

Adam said...

When you read this, you will be in Germany... ya know, with the Nazis... Do you work, but have fun. Get to know great people and keep us updated. We're all proud of you here at the library and expect you to do well. Don't worry about the leaving; don't worry about the starting; just worry about the being.

Mariah said...

Can you believe you've been in the Rootstown Ward for 7 years!!! It seems like it’s been forever! Our night of "normalcy" was a blast!!! lol... Cosmo Girl! ;) Have tons of fun in Germany...and don't forget to blog! We'll all be here when you get back, so focus on getting the whole European experience now! Love you!

Kara said...

Miss Kira--
By now you are already in Germany and experiencing some culture shock I am sure. Recently I've realized that life is short, and the time to live bravely and fearlessly is when you're young (or at least it is less complicated then)! It may be my gypsy soul talking, but I found that taking big risks is the only way to get a big payoff in the end. Study, learn, enjoy--and experience this. Go where your heart leads you!! Keep us posted! I'll miss you!
<3 Kara