Friday, September 5, 2008


I now have exactly one week until I leave. I'm starting to say goodbye to my friends, always wondering when I see someone if I'll ever see them again. It sounds a little melodramatic but it's beyond weird to think about leaving.

On a more cheerful note I've finally bought all the clothes I need which is a hyuuge relief. My list of things to buy is now shortened to socks, sheets and maybe a purse... On the other hand, my list of things to do is swiftly getting longer.
How do you fit everything that you would normally do in a year into a week.?


Jes said...

Good luck with your travels Kira! I've got a cousin heading off to Berlin for the year this week to nanny- i'm jealous! Remember there will be a ton of awesome stuff to buy in germany too (she didn't even pack a coat or boots, cause she's gonna buy some awesome stuff in europe)- Jes (from SVC)

alison said...

hey kira! I am super jealous of your lifestyle. I wish I were able to take full advantage of the globe. Best wishes on your travels; nice to meet you!

smartseag said...

kira Rathborne... you rock my socks! i am way happy for you but ofcourse i shall miss you!!

Jen said...

So totally remembered this: when packing your suitcase roll your clothes instead of folding them it will actually help give you more room and will actually keep them a bit less wrinkly suprisingly.

LJ said...

haha...I totally know how you feel. I am SO excited for you Kira! Can't wait to hear all about your travels through this blog.