Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wilkommen zu Deutschland!

I've made it through my first week... I finally have access to the internet. I have a place to live. I am in short surviving. Germany is beautiful, However the weather is about 20 degrees colder than what I'm used to in Ohio. Leipzig is a fascinating city, half of it was destroyed in WWII so it's this fantastic mix of 500 year old buildings and Ultramodern constructions. I spent the entire first 2 days hiding in my apartment, terrified of trying to communicate with people(I've realised my German is a lot worse than I thought it was). The next two days I spent getting lost completely Wednesday was my favorite day because I never was lost! I went to the Church here today and couldn't understand a word anyone was saying. However it was church so I had a basic idea of what was happening. I'm spending most of my time with a group of people from various English speaking countries, mostly UK area. There's one other American, a girl from New York, we're both continually being made fun of by the various Brits. To which our constant reply is "Don't tread on Me!" I'm determined to find one of those flags as soon as I get home. I have yet to find a grocery store so I'm eating out constantly which is a bit annoying but Way cheaper here than it is in America. The Tram system here is amazing they go everywhere and are always perfectly on time, however being the selfish American I am, I miss driving, getting lost for an hour in a car is annoying and frusterating, getting lost for an hour on foot is exausting. I also miss American television, tv is not nearly as entertaining when you have no idea what is happening... I miss everyone and write me!


Charlie said...

For groceries try Kaufland on Dresdenerstrasse 78-80. Its just west of the Reudnitz Koehlerstrasse tram stop on the LVB #7 SBahn line that run on Dresdenerstrasse. Its only about 2/3 kilometer from you. Visit website and put 04315 in the locstor.

Jordan said...

Glad you made it safely! Sounds like you are haveing quite an adventure- I'm sure it will all become second nature to you very soon!

Jen said...

Oh Kira, it sounds excellent! Yes getting lost on foot is so much more tiring, but at least you 1) learn the city better, 2) get FABULOUS exercies, 3) get to see really cool things you might never have. Things will get easier and eventually you'll find your way around the city. Where are you living?